City & Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited
New Towns - (Government of Maharashtra Undertaking)


CIDCO – India’s Premiere Town Planning Agency! When it says, ‘We make Cities’, CIDCO does not solely attribute this claim on the creation of eminent housing infrastructure – rather various urban development projects, some of which are very unique, fully justify CIDCO’s legendary vision in city planning and development.

City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd., is a company wholly owned by the Govt. Of Maharashtra and was incorporated on 17th March 1970, with the specific aim of Mumbai city and at the same time creating a new planned, self sufficient and sustainable city on the mainland across Thane creek adjoining Mumbai. What began as a mission to Mumbai ended up in the creation of one of the largest planned city known today and elevated CIDCO into the position of India’s premier town planning agency.

The journey that CIDCO embarked upon, since its inception, has seen the highs and lows of varying magnitude. Challenges of monstrous proportion have presented themselves before the young, yet wise, eyes of CIDCO and the Corporation has faced them head-on without wavering in its path of steady progress. CIDCO owes its invincible attitude mainly to the think tank of pioneers and visionaries who helm the organisation and guide it in the right direction.