City & Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited
New Towns - (Government of Maharashtra Undertaking)



CIDCO – India’s Premiere Town Planning Agency! When it says, ‘We make Cities’, CIDCO does not solely attribute this claim on the creation of eminent housing infrastructure – rather various urban development projects, some of which are very unique, fully justify CIDCO’s legendary vision in city planning and development.

City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd., is a company wholly owned by the Govt. Of Maharashtra and was incorporated on 17th March 1970, with the specific aim of Mumbai city and at the same time creating a new planned, self sufficient and sustainable city on the mainland across Thane creek adjoining Mumbai. What began as a mission to Mumbai ended up in the creation of one of the largest planned city known today and elevated CIDCO into the position of India’s premier town planning agency.

The journey that CIDCO embarked upon, since its inception, has seen the highs and lows of varying magnitude. Challenges of monstrous proportion have presented themselves before the young, yet wise, eyes of CIDCO and the Corporation has faced them head-on without wavering in its path of steady progress. CIDCO owes its invincible attitude mainly to the think tank of pioneers and visionaries who helm the organisation and guide it in the right direction.

Growth without proper planning is always a constraint, this statement proved true in the case of Mumbai, as the city was gripped in a strangle of deteriorating basic necessities, as the population incursion made possible by the vehement growth of industrial and commercial infrastructure that happened in the decade of 1960. Development inputs could not keep pace with the rapidly growing population, industry, trade and commerce. To improve the situation, Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Planning Board recommended considering a twin city across to facilitate the Greater Mumbai and CIDCO was entrusted with developing necessary social and physical infrastructure.

With a wide spectrum of activities, CIDCO is a multi faceted and multi disciplinary organization having 1,750 employees, which includes planners, architects, engineers and other professionals. Since its inception, CIDCO has diversified its working spectrum to accommodate new activities, even though its primary attention is still concentrated in overlooking the constant development of Navi Mumbai. The multidimensional activities undertaken today by CIDCO can be classified under these three broad concepts:

  • Planning and Development of New Towns
  • Consultancy
  • Project Management and Designing

The Concept of New Towns has evolved manifolds under the competent expertise of CIDCO, CIDCO is designated Special Planning Authority by Government of Maharashtra for new towns to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Reduction of population overcrowding in core cities
  • Absorption of emigrants and preventing the emigration of present population by providing better conditions and new opportunities
  • Setting the industrial pace of the State with the help of balanced urban development
  • Provision of excellent socio-economic facilities, thereby improving the quality of life

CIDCO Developed Cities

Navi Mumbai (34400 Ha.) New Nanded (172 Ha.)
Oros-Sindhudurg (430 Ha.) Waluj (8571 Ha.)
Aurangabad Fringe Area (15184 Ha.) Khopta (9400 Ha.)
Jalna New Town (470 Ha.) New Aurangabad (1012 Ha.)
New Nashik (398 Ha.) Vasai-Virar Sub Region (38000 Ha.)
Meghdoot, New Nagpur Chikhaldara Hill Station (1953 Ha.)
Latur Fringe Area (25131 Ha.)

CIDCO has achieved great deeds and global praise over the years, but its greatest contribution to the country and mankind has been Navi Mumbai. Planned on paper with clinical precision and farsighted vision, Navi Mumbai came into being from a state of clandestine non-existence. CIDCO like a royal sculptor tamed the raw expanse of 344 sq. km, as the world watched in marvel and ecstatic wonder the transformation of blue print into an all accommodating futuristic city.

Navi Mumbai has become a unique project by virtue of its – pattern of development, housing, social and physical infrastructure, method of finance and sustainable futuristic planning. Navi Mumbai is known extensively for its judicious planning; earning the city a reputation of being a Super City and one of the largest planned city on Earth. CIDCO adopted many centers pattern of planning and development of Navi Mumbai. It prepared a master plan in October 1970 and was approved by the government in August 1971. It is being modified from time to time as per the needs. The pattern ensured balanced land and even distribution of residential areas, job centres, wholesale markets, non-polluting industry and population density. Today, Navi Mumbai is endowed with an entire gamut of infrastructure facilities. Whether it is physical, transport, housing, educational, healthcare, hospitality, religious, economic or environmental infrastructure, the city has the best of all.

The infrastructure of the city is at par with that of any well developed city around the world and the very fact that the city's educational and employment infrastructure lays a very strong and dynamic foundation in the development and nourishment of the city's Human Resources, carving a future generation that will be independent and at par with their contemporaries around the world. Infrastructural development, with regards to the Navi Mumbai International Airport, CIDCO Exhibition Centre, SEZ, and Navi Mumbai Metro will help business and companies from around the country and from international quarters enter the versatile market of Navi Mumbai. Projects of international importance are providing the city with ample opportunities in regards with trade and commerce while simultaneously carving the city into a Global Hub. The entry of new business and companies will lead to increase in the number of job opportunities furthering the increase in population and increase in the demand of housing stock in the city. CIDCO, as the efficient planner of Cities, has already begun preparations to accommodate this prospective and definitive influx coming its way in the near future.

CIDCO today has the reputation as the premier town planning and infrastructure agency in India, so when CIDCO says, ‘We Make Cities’ the Corporation actually means it.