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Planning Department

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Overview of the Department

  • The Planning Section at New Towns is mainly responsible for Land use Planning of CIDCO notified Areas of New Town.
  • The functions of Planning department are to prepare Development plans, Development control regulation and planning proposals for verious notified areas of CIDCO and further modifications to these plans from time to time.
  • After Approval of the Plans, planning department is involved in implimentation of the development plan and its proposals.
  • To issue development permissions as per Development Control Regulation and verious zones of development plan is also the basic function.

Key Functions

  • To plan for verious service and infrastructures for increasing population of the town.
  • To monitor and control development through development plan and development control regulations.
  • Technical Scrutiny of development proposals.

Organizational Chart

Contact Details

01. Mr. M.D. Lele Chief Planner 022-67918402 9619046470
02. Mr. R.N Dengle ACP (NT & SP) ---- --
03. Mr. Ashutosh Uike SP (NT) ---- 9930211228
04. Mr. N.V. Golkhande AP(NT) (WLJ) 0253-2392679 9423141229
05. Mrs. K. Bodhale AP(NT) (NSK) 02462-226124 9819563590
06. Mr. Abheejit Pawar Dy.Planner 0712-2454212 9320623811
07. Mr. R.B. Waghmare Dy.Planner (CHK)
08. Mr. Anmol Gaikwad Dy.Planner (Latur)
09. Mrs. V.K. Kamalaskar AE (BP)
10. Mr. V.V. Bodas Planner
11. Mr. S.A. Mandal S.G. D’Man
12. Mr. G.R. Veer Sr. D’man
13. Mr. S.P. Deshpande D’man
14. Mr. R.D. Deshmane D’man
15. Mr. C.S.Tope D’man
15. Mr. J. Bairagi D’man