City & Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited
New Towns - (Government of Maharashtra Undertaking)



“To plan and create environment-friendly, model urban settlements with fully edged physical and social infrastructure to meet residential, commercial and industrial need of population at present and in the years to come."


The State Government had adopted the following objectives for the Navi Mumbai Project:

  • To support State-wide location policies which will lead eventually to an efficient and rational distribution of industries over the State, and to a balanced development of urban centres in the hinterland.
  • To provide physical and social services which raise living standards and reduce disparities in the amenities available to different sections of the population.
  • To provide an environment which permits the citizens of the New City to live fuller and richer lives – free, in so far as this is possible, of the physical and social tensions which are commonly associated with urban living
  • To provide training and all possible facilities to the existing local population in the Project Area, to enable them to adapt to the new urban setting and to participate fully and actively in the economic and social life of the New City.