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New Aurangabad

CIDCO was appointed Special Planning Authority for New Aurangabad on 30th October, 1972.

Planned and developed by CIDCO, New Aurangabad holds the singular distinction of obtaining the blessings of the Late Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who inaugurated the project signing the development plan with the remark: “The plans look very good on paper, let us see how it is implemented”.

New Aurangabad Project was also fortunate because Mrs. Indira Gandhi once visited the project after the implementation of the plan started, and also planted a tree at New Aurangabad, which is nurtured and maintained by CIDCO as a precious treasure.

The New Aurangabad project has speedily grown and blossomed, just like this fortunate tree. New Aurangabad is today a well-planned new town, one of the best in the country. The high level of social facilities provided has created a healthy urban environment for all strata of the society. But for this planned development by CIDCO, the rapid pace of New Aurangabad’s industrialization would have led to haphazard overall growth. By providing nearly 20,000 houses to persons belonging to Low Income Groups, CIDCO has not only met the needs of the labour force, but also been able to meet a major social objective of the Government that of providing houses at affordable cost to the urban poor in Marathwada. Special emphasis on gardens, playgrounds and stadia has created an impression of an open city with wide roads. Development of the Dr. Salim Ali Lake as a Bird sanctuary has further added to the charm of the urban environment.

  • Total area: 1,012 hectares
  • Constructed 21,012 houses for EWS, LIG, MIG & HIG cidco building
  • Special emphasis on gardens and playgrounds
  • Handed over to Aurangabad Municipal Corporation on 1st April, 2006.


Aurangabad New Towns - at Glance

  • The powers of ‘Planning Authority’ alongwith all the Civic Services have been handed-over to Aurangabad Municipal Corporation w.e. from 1.4.2006
  • Maintenance of all physical infrastructure be done by AMC(Aurangabad Municipal Corporation) Maintenance / Management of Open Space & Gardens be done by AMC
  • Maintenance / Management of Community Centre be done by AMC CIDCO’s NOC be insisted while granting Building Permission & Occupancy Certificate

Recent Accomplishments

CIDCO Auditorium, New Aurangabad

CIDCO raised this state-of-the-art auditorium as an attempt to keep the tradition of Aurangabad alive.

1. Inaugurated on 21st Nov., 2008 with a plot Area 7832 sq.m. and built up area 5342 sq.m.
2. Capacity 1100 viewers in Two tiers with a huge Exhibition area 530 sq.m. (5705 sq.ft.) and a free standing & grand staircase
3. Project cost Rs. 4 crores
4. Handed over to Aurangabad Municipal Corporation on 16th April, 2010

Appointment of CIDCO as S.P.A. 30.12.1972
Total Notified Area (Ha.) 1011.90
Area developed till date (Ha.) 999.50
Area yet to be developed (Ha.) 12.30
Total no. of houses constructed 20,578

Aurangabad Development Plans

aurangabaddpapp.JPGN 10.JPGN 11.JPGN 12.JPGN 13.JPGN 3.JPGN 4.JPGN 5.JPGN 6.JPGN 8.JPGN 9 .JPGn1.JPGN2.JPGN21.JPGN7.JPGTC 2.JPGtc1.JPG