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Chikhaldara Hill Station

GoM appointed CIDCO as ‘Special Planning Authority’ for the development of ‘Chikhaldara Hill Station’ on 17th Feb., 2006

  • To prepare Comprehensive Report for 1,953 hectares area
  • Located at an altitude of 1,113 m
  • Chikhaldara is the only coffee growing area in Maharashtra

With a history dating back to the ‘Mahabharata’ and a hill station surrounded by dense forest makes it a must-visit tourist destination.


  • In order to develop Chikhaldara notified area in properly and orderly manner GoM appointed CIDCO as special planning Authority (SPA) under section 40(1) (b) of Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966 (MR&TP ACT1966) on dated 09-01-2008. The notified area comprising of entire area under Chikhaldara Municipal Council and surrounding four villages vice Motha, Shahapur, Aladoh and Lawada. Total notified area is 1936 Ha.
  • CIDCO has published declaration of intention to prepare draft development plan of Chikhaldara notified area (CNA) on dated 05/11/2009 U/S 23(1) of MR&TP Act 1966
  • As per section 24 of MR&TP 1966. Shri. R. N. Dengle, ACP(NT & SP) is appointed as Town Planning Officer (TPO) for the Chikhaldara Notified area
  • The Existing land use map (ELU) for Chikhaldara notified area is prepared and submitted to DDTP, Amravati on dated 02/06/2012 U/S 25 of MR&TP Act1966
  • The preparation of draft development plan to be published U/S 26 of MR&TP Act 1966 is under progress

Chikaldhara development Plan