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CIDCO Initiative on Solid Waste Management


Civic Response Team, Aurangabad (CRT^) has been working with CIDCO since March 2015 to implement an effective Solid Waste Management system to establish a SWM Master plan for a new township of 25,000 population in Waluj, Aurangabad District.

As a result part of this collaboration CRT^ is creating awareness to the citizens for better solid waste management.

The process includes:

  • Source segregation
  • Primary doorstep collection
  • Promotion of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Sorting, recycling, and treatment to reduce the amount of waste dumped/ land filled
  • Compliance with the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules, 2000

As a result of the effort CIDCO contractor took over the SWM service provision in June 2015 and the effectiveness of the process can be seen from following results :

  • ~60 tones of organic waste composted per month.
  • ~8 tones of recyclable materials recovered per month.
  • ~1.5 tones of waste used as RDF per month

This amount to 70 tones to “waste” being put to use and kept away from any dumpsite! The contractor, supervisors and labor and the residents have been appropriately empowered to play their part in this system.

In order to maintain this system to the highest standards and to also improve it continuously improve it, CRT^ proposes to monitor it for one year. CRT^ will function as a knowledge partner and independent auditor and will work with the CIDCO to ensure the sustainability of the Waluj Solid Waste Management Project.

CRT^ Team

Project Sahayog

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